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Mr Motion is a Berlin based motion design studio. We believe in creating beautiful, functional and human videos that are built to last. We're in it for the long run and strive to treat the freelancers, agencies and enterprises we work with as partners.


We aim for the highest quality achievable and work with seasoned pros to achieve excellence. We aspire to make award winning work and don't cut corners to achieve this.


Motion Design is an art, yet we realize the need to tame our creative desires to achieve your business goals. This means that our videos will always make sense, no matter how artsy. If our video fails to inform, educate and convey emotion, we have failed.


We like using the latest technological advances in graphics and animation, yet not at the expense of humanity. This is why you will never find an AI generated voices, illustrations or animations in our videos.

Built to last

We want our videos to do their work for years to come. This is why we always offer assistance in rebranding, translating or adjusting videos we've created instead of redoing them all over.

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