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Our Team

We are a small motion design studio with big ambitions.

Based in Berlin Mitte, Germany, we work with creative agencies and businesses alike

to create excellent videos that stand the test of time.

We speak German, French, English and Luxembourgish

David Serban

David Serban

Managing Director / Creative Direction

Mia Senkowski

Mia Senkowski

Junior Motion Designer

Our values


We aim to make stunning videos and don't cut corners to get there. We don't do quick fixes or cookie-cutter videos and aim to create aesthetically pleasing and unique videos that inspire.


We realize the need to tame our creative desires to create solutions that make sense for your business.  We don't just speak fonts, keyframes and characters, but our videos are carefully crafted to grow your business.


Great videos last. We want our videos and tools to do their magic for your business for years to come. We offer assistance in rebranding, translating or adjusting past work and aim to create video solutions that stand the test of time. 

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